Author-IT is a modular content management system that can be used not only to generate paper publications, but also for other media generated with the same content, such as online help applications and web content. Author-IT offers a total solution for documentation flows in many industries.


Author-IT can be used as:

  • Technical writing software
  • e-Learning software
  • DITA tool
  • CMS for Framemaker users

Author-IT delivers day in, day out added value to the following industries :

  • Aerospace
  • Education
  • Finance and Insurance
  • Government and Non-Profit Organisations
  • Healtcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Pharma & Life Sciences
  • Software
  • Technology
  • Telecommunications
  • Legal

Central database storage

All content is stored in a central database and chunked in separate parts. As such multiple authors can work simultaneously in the database.


Single sourcing made easy

How Author-IT deals with single source content (reuse of similar content in different places) is unique. You simply drag & drop the content into the new location. Reusing content in Author-IT is that easy.

The Author-IT Xtend module automatically searches for similar texts in the database while you are writing new content. You can easily reuse content and save valuable time. This intuitive single sourcing method enables you to write the same content only once resulting in substantial savings in terms of translation costs.


Content Import

You can write content in Author-IT, but the program also allows you to import several types of source files - such as Word, FrameMaker, RoboHelp, XML and HTML - without losing formatting and structure.


Multi-channel output

With sophisticated templates Author-IT can publish the same content in different forms of media. As a writer, you only need to learn one program. Some of the export options include:

  • Microsoft Word, PDF (standard in Author-IT) or Adobe FrameMaker (via plugin)
  • Microsoft WinHelp (Windows Help), Microsoft HTML Help, Sun Java Help, Oracle Help for Java, WebHelp, XML and DITA (for digital applications such as online help and websites)

Localization Manager

Author-IT's Localization Manager keeps track of new, reused or translated content. As such you can select texts for translation efficiently saving time and money.



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